Tech Audits & Due Diligences with Linden25

Ensure everything is working as it should

We’ve had the opportunity to scrutinize and assess numerous teams, systems, architectures and infrastructures.

The team structures, development processes, architectures, and infrastructures that we built have undergone multiple rigorous due diligences, conducted by both auditors and venture capital investors.

We’ll support you to maintain clarity and identify areas for optimization.

What you can expect from us in Technical Audits and Tech Due Diligence:

  • Honest Overview: We provide clear and actionable insights. What’s working well and where are potential vulnerabilities and shortcomings to improve?

  • Practical Assessments: We understand that theory and practice can differ. We combine both to give you realistic evaluations.

  • Understandable Reports: After our review, you’ll receive a clearly actionable report that’s not just for techies.