Interim & Fractional CTO Services with Linden25

Get somebody to temporarily and take the helm

We support in technology and leadership without requiring you to committing to a full-time position or permanent contracts.

Whether you’re launching, scaling up, or needing an upgrade, we’re here to support you creating impact.

Hiring a full-time CTO isn’t always reasonable, and that’s where we step in.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Technical Strategy: We’ll help you set the right course for your technology direction.

  • Management & Leadership: Whether your team is large or small, we ensure everyone is aligned and pulling together.

  • Process Optimization: We identify and uncover bottlenecks in your organization and processes to find opportunities to optimize efficiency and effectiveness

Need a solution that truly works and doesn’t just fill a gap? Let’s elevate your company’s technology to the next level together.

Let’s talk about your challenges. Whether you need advice or hands-on assistance, we’re there to support.