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Tech Advisory with Linden25

Tech Advisory

Making the right decisions about technologies and development processes for you and your company. Fast.

Interim & Fractional CTO Services with Linden25

Interim & Fractional CTO Services

Expert CTO services to drive your business's technology strategy.

Mentoring Services with Linden25

Mentoring Services

Gain confidence by extending your perspective. For startups, scale-ups, teams, founders and managers.

Tech Audits & Due Diligences with Linden25

Tech Audits & Due Diligences

Assessments of tech stacks, development processes, security awareness, compliance, team setups, organizational structure, and team maturity.

Organizational Development with Linden25

Organizational Development

Advisory on the operational and organizational structure of your company, focusing on cross-functional collaboration and the use of appropriate tools.

Product & Strategy Development with Linden25

Product & Strategy Development

Looking for insights on the perfect customer journey, gamification, pricing strategies, customer retention, and other KPIs?

Andreas Katzig

About me

Hello, I'm Andreas. I have a long history as a CTO across various industries.

As part of the executive management, I have developed and launched more than 30 products, built over three companies, and numerous teams. I've also played a key role in securing millions of euros in funding.

With this extensive knowledge and experience, I now offer my services through Linden25: Whether as an interim CTO, tech advisor, mentor, or coach, I'm here to support you, your company, and your employees.

My expertise centers on developing product and tech organizations, global technical infrastructures and agile environments.

You can find all the details about my services on these pages, and you can also connect with me on LinkedIn.

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Why Me

Over the past 15 years, I have developed and launched over 30 diverse products and services, each tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of the market. My efforts have directly contributed to securing over €150M in funding within seven years, driving substantial growth and innovation. I have successfully scaled three companies from single to double and even triple-digit employee counts, demonstrating my ability to lead and expand business operations effectively.

My products have reached over 100 million users globally, a testament to their relevance and appeal across different demographics and regions. With a decade of experience in hiring, I have interviewed over 500 candidates and successfully brought on board more than 100 team members, gaining a deep understanding of building strong, capable teams.

I am fearless when it comes to navigating complex regulatory environments, including compliance with BaFin and GDPR—no challenge is too great. My comprehensive experience makes me an ideal partner for elevating your business, whether through strategic advisory, operational leadership, or team development. Let's work together to take your company to the next level.

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